PSI Zuoz Summer School on Particle Physics

Effective Theories in Particle Physics

July 16 - 22, 2006

Organized by the Theory Group of the Laboratory of Particle Physics at PSI

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Lecturers and Topics (Schedule: ps pdf)

Note: The pdf files for the lectures without qualifier 'final' are preliminary and will be later replaced by corrected ones.
R. Barbieri (Pisa) Effective Theories for Physics beyond the Standard Model ( final pdf1 , final pdf2 )
M. Beneke (RWTH Aachen) Concept of Effective Theories, Heavy Quark Effective Theory and Soft-Collinear Effective Theory ( final pdf1&2 , pdf3&4 )
G. Colangelo
(Bern) Chiral Perturbation Theory ( pdf1_talk , final pdf1_no_overlays , pdf2_talk , final pdf2_no_overlays , print from acrobat reader using option ''Expand small pages to paper size'')
U. Langenegger (ETH Zürich) B Physics and Quarkonia ( final pdf1 , final pdf2 )
H. Leutwyler
(Bern) Historical and Other Remarks on Effective Theories ( final pdf )
A. Manohar
(San Diego) Nonrelativistic QCD ( final pdf )
L. Simons
(PSI) Pion-Nucleon Interaction ( final ppt , final pdf )
M. Sozzi
(Pisa) Kaon Physics ( final pdf , final ppt )

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