PSI Zuoz Summer School

PSI Zuoz Summer School on Particle Physics

Exploring the Limits of the Standard Model

August 18 - August 24, 2002


Speakers and Topics (Schedule)

J.R. Ellis (CERN) Limits of the Standard Model
J. Farine (Sudbury) Solar Neutrino Physics - Recent Results
S.K. Lamoreaux (Los Alamos) Experimental Searches for Time Reversal Asymmetry in Nuclei, Atoms and Molecules
L.S. Littenberg (BNL) Rare Kaon and Pion Decays
W.J. Marciano (BNL) Lepton Flavour Violation and New Physics
A. Rubbia (ETH Zürich) Introduction to Neutrino Oscillations and Atmospheric Neutrinos
Á. de Rújula (CERN) Beyond the Standard Models
Ch. Sachrajda (Southampton) Flavour Dynamics and CP-Violation
A. van der Schaaf (U. Zürich) Experimental Searches for Lepton Flavour Violation


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September 26, 2002.
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