PSI Zuoz Summer School on Particle Physics

PSI Zuoz Summer School on Particle Physics

The Challenge of Supersymmetry

August 15 - August 21, 2004

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Speakers and Topics (Schedule: ps pdf)

M. Gaberdiel (ETH Zürich) Introduction to Superstrings ( pdf )
H.E. Haber (Santa Cruz) Introduction to Supersymmetry ( pdf1 , pdf2 , pdf3 , pdf4 )
A. Hebecker (DESY) Supersymmetric GUTs and Extra Dimensions ( pdf )
W. Hollik (MPI München) Precision Tests of the Standard Model and the Minimal Supersymmetric Standard Model ( pdf , part 1 , part 2 )
L. Pape (CERN) Supersymmetry Searches at Colliders ( pdf , ppt )
F. Pauss (ETH Zürich) Dark Matter Searches ( pdf , pdf.gz )
J.A. Peacock (Edinburgh) The Need for Cold Dark Matter ( ppt , pdf )
J. Wess (LMU München) History of Supersymmetry ( pdf )
D. Wyler (U. Zürich) Supersymmetry in Flavour Physics ( pdf )

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September 13, 2004.
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