PSI Zuoz Summer School

PSI Zuoz Summer School

Phenomenology of Gauge Interactions

August 13 - August 19, 2000

Speakers and Lectures

G. Altarelli (CERN) Electroweak Theory and Phenomenology (Abstract)
E. Klempt (U. Bonn) Hadron Spectroscopy (Abstract)
G. Münster (U. Münster) Lattice Gauge Theory (Abstract)
J. Stirling (Durham U.) QCD Theory and Phenomenology (Abstract)
N. Straumann (U. Zürich) Gravity and Gauge Theories
D. Treille (CERN) Electroweak Physics at Colliders (Abstract)
J. Womersley (Fermilab) QCD at Colliders (Abstract)
V. Zakharov (MPI München) The QCD Vacuum and Nonperturbative Effects

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