Laboratory for Particle Physics (LTP)

LTP Colloquium

An Introduction to Causal Fermion Systems and its Prospects for Baryogenesis

Thursday, March 7, 2024, 16:00
WHGA Auditorium

Claudio Paganini, University of Regensburg

I will give an introduction to Causal Fermion Systems (CFS), a novel candidate for a unified theory of physics.

CFS provides a rigorous mathematical framework that merges the language of Quantum Theory and General Relativity in a novel way. This is achieved by encoding all the properties of our physical world in the texture of correlations between the fundamental (fermionic) degrees of freedom.

The systematic study of spacetime correlations enables an identification of points in a classical spacetime with elements in an operator manifold. The causal structure as well as the physical principles governing the dynamics in the theory are recovered from the eigenvalues of these operators. On the level of an effective description of our reality in terms of established theories, CFS gives rise to the emergence of the (causal) structure of spacetime and is at the origin of the fundamental interactions of the standard model of particle physics.

The goal is to provide you with a qualitative understanding of how CFS gives rise to a new mechanism for baryogenesis.