Laboratory for Particle Physics (LTP)

LTP Colloquium

Heavy Neutral Lepton Searches at Future Colliders

Thursday, March 12, 2020, 16:00
WHGA Auditorium

Stefan Antusch, Basel University

Heavy neutral leptons are among the most attractive extensions of the Standard Model of elementary particles to generate the light neutrino masses observed in neutrino oscillation experiments. When the heavy neutral leptons (= sterile, right-chiral neutrinos) are subject to a protective lepton number-like symmetry, they can have masses around the electroweak scale and potentially large Yukawa couplings, which makes them potentially testable at the LHC and at future colliders. We discuss the discovery prospects of the heavy neutral leptons at future electron-positron, proton-proton and electron-proton colliders, and present estimates for the possible sensitivities for the active-sterile neutrino mixing angles and the heavy neural lepton masses. We highlight several novel search channels, and compare the performance of the different collider types.